The Inception of Comefy


Comefy On-Demand Delivery Service, delivering groceries, get your order today within an hour

Comefy started out as an idea to help people get what they want when they wanted it. For instance, someone who has a party or an event to go to but don’t have time to go to the store and shop though they know what they want. In a case like this, Comefy would allow¬†the person to order their shirt or dress online and within minutes get their order from a local business on Comefy. Or another instance would the busy mom who is squeezing for time can spend a few seconds from the comfort of her home and order¬†her groceries on Comefy and within minutes receive her groceries. This is true convenience and truly defines the on-demand aspect of the delivery service platform.

“Our goal is to save people time at the same time allowing them to get things delivered almost instantly.”

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The Unseen Problem

Some people don’t realize that some things are better left to others to do for us. This is especially true if you value your time. Most people may focus on the cost of the delivery service, while neglecting the logistics involved. If your one hour is worth $20 and you pay $5-$10 for your groceries to be delivered within one hour of ordering, I think it’s worth it. Just think about it this way, if you go grocery shopping yourself, the time it takes you to get to the grocery store, then actually picking out your fruits, vegetables, and other goods once you’re there, then go to the register wait in line, checkout, and driver back to your destination. From the time you leave your home to the grocery store and back home will surpass one hour. It may take you about two hours, especially if you’re one of those people who go into stores for a few specific items but end up going over your budget and spending nearly twice as much. With Comefy, you’re able to save money, time, and enjoy doing the things that are of higher value and important to you.

Comefy’s Solution

We intend to have our solution to be utilized by the masses. For this reason, our partners program encourage our partners (business owners) to get involved on every phase of the ordering and delivery process. Comefy keeps the customers, partners, and the delivery drivers connected every step of the delivery process. Our partners will pick out your products or groceries, bag them and our drivers will pickup and deliver. This way, you don’t have to worry about receiving poor quality items due to bad choices. We believe in letting those who specialize specialize while we continue to specialize in the delivery aspect.

Future Outlook

Moving forward, we have high hopes that our convenience platform will become an essential tool for consumers and business owners. Though our beginning seems somewhat inundated with a few things, we believe and hope that this platform will become valuable to every home and person. In conjunction with our partners we will dedicate our time and expertise to ensure that the value we seek to provide is vivid and concrete. In the coming weeks, month, years, we will be releasing specialized tools to push the vision further. So if you haven’t tried Comefy, don’t miss out on saving time! We are currently delivering in parts of the Washington DC metro areas.